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We seek to provide independence and dignity of life for seniors, while creating breakthrough experiences for all stakeholders in the aged care ecosystem at a fraction of existing costs.
To address the enormous human and financial cost of aged care, we are committed to creating high-quality, cost-effective, automated care solutions.
Aged Care Challenges

Shortage of Caregivers

There are simply not enough caregivers, thus, many aged care providers are forced to turn away new seniors in need thereof. With an aging population, the number of caregivers has been consistently outpaced by the increasing need for assistance, giving rise to enormous ethical, social, health, economic, and political problems.

Prohibitively High Costs

Quality care is becoming very expensive, making it unaffordable for many. Institutional care regularly faces long wait-times and can potentially leave seniors and their families destitute. Rising costs, growing national budget deficits and increasing old-age dependency ratios give rise to an increase in the number of seniors lacking access to care.

Poor Quality

With insufficient aged care funding, and decreasing caregiver-to-patient ratios, quality of care has become a root cause for deteriorating conditions of patient health. This ultimately contributes to higher healthcare spending needs, and growing dissatisfaction with the organization of aged care systems.

Caregiver Job Satisfaction

Research shows that the job satisfaction of nursing home staff is not only essential to ensuring quality care, but is also linked with lower rates of resident injuries and higher satisfaction with care. Unfortunately, due to the highly physical and mentally demanding nature of caregiving, the care sector suffers from extraordinarily high levels of absenteeism, and employee turnover rates.

Unsustainable Systems

COVID-19 brought renewed attention to the abject conditions of the aged care sector, which has long suffered from underfunding, understaffing, inconsistent regulations and even inattention. Among seniors and their families, there is a growing “crisis of confidence” in social care, as people are less likely to choose nursing home care, preferring home care instead. This option is often unsustainable, due to high financial costs, and lack of qualified caregivers.

Suffering Families

Due to a lack of alternatives, informal care (unpaid caregiving provided by family) has become a serious economic burden. Research shows that informal care can be expressed in billions of hours expended on unpaid contributions, with an economic impact equaling a significant percentage of a nation’s GDP. Informal care also entails enormous societal costs, including work cessation, reduction of work hours, lost productivity, lost sleep, as well as physical and mental deterioration.

Sit & Shower Automatic Bathing Device
Regain your Bathing Autonomy!
With one button, a user can start a bathing program with automatic temperature control, auto-soaping and shampooing, numerous safety features and 13 surround water jets.
Bathing in a sitting position removes the risk of falling on a slippery floor.
  • Excellent cleaning result
  • Precise temperature control
  • Device auto-disinfection
  • Compatible shower chair
Automatic Transfer System
Regain your Mobility!
An automatic bed to wheelchair transfer system means you are no longer dependent on others to get around the home. Without any heavy lifting, a user can transfer from a bed to a wheelchair and be brought around the home on a self-driving (optional) or manual wheelchair or even to Sit & Shower to bathe!
  • No Heavy Lifting
  • Easy to Operate
  • Compatible with Sit & Shower
Our systems are compatible with toileting. Sit & Shower is designed to fit over a toilet or in an empty shower stall.
An optional self-driving wheelchair can bring you to the toilet after transferring.
We’re here for
Our inspiration to innovate comes from personal experience as informal caregivers to our elderly loved ones. Faced with the shortcomings of today’s aged care systems, we have concluded that smart and affordable automation, supporting seniors in performing the Activities of Daily Living (i.e., ADLs or basic necessary care activities), is the only way to provide cost effective and quality care to millions of seniors globally
Our affordable solutions allow seniors to regain mobility and independence in activities of daily living, such as: going to the bathroom, bathing, or getting around the home independently. This can lead to improved mental well-being, decreased social withdrawal, and improved health outcomes.
Our solutions alleviate the back-breaking, and unpleasant aspects, of aged care, allowing more focus on the person, rather than the task. No more hazardous patient lifting and musculoskeletal injuries causing pain, work absenteeism, lost income, and emotional distress. Higher job satisfaction contributes to higher levels of satisfaction with care.
Family Members
Our inspiration comes from personal experience as informal caregivers. Caregiving should not be a burden, and we are driven to develop practical, affordable, relief to families, allowing them more quality time with their loved ones, without worrying how they are going to cope emotionally, physically or financially.
Aged Care Providers
Nursing activity is about people, and we understand how difficult it is to manage it with all of its constraints. Our solutions make the delivery of high-quality care more reliable, with fewer accidents, and with process improvements, so nursing care can focus on the patient without other distractions.
Contact us
Our affordable solutions allow seniors to stay independent and enjoy a safe and dignified life. For enquiries or more information, please contact us through this form.
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